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Elevating brands by redefining their social experience.

By transforming a room or being the room Birch Display offers flexibility, spontaneity and customization for any event while using natural materials all in a simple to use system.

We provide design solutions for events of all kinds.

Perfect for trade shows, retail fixtures, art and fair installations, corporate environments of any kind or size and much more.

With a combined 28 years of experience in architecture, product design, fabrication, furniture design, interior design, and construction, Häns and Josh excel at creating display structures that fit the client's needs.

Architects, designers, dare devils. These guys are huge geeks for design, at all scales, on all levels, with passion and an eagerness to engage. Josh and Häns love a challenge, especially if it's for good people and for a good cause.



If you need hard working, dedicated and engaged partners for your event, environment or project, you've found your men.



Contact them today!

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